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Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline panorama at dusk, Hong Kong, China

The original image dimensions are 10865 × 3178 pixels (34.5 megapixels) composited from 2 sets of 22 photos (11 above, 11 below) with minimal HDR processing to bring out the color of the sky, clouds and water. Both sets of photos were shot at 70mm, f/8 and ISO 400 on a tripod with a panoramic head. The top half of the image was taken over a period of about 45 seconds to avoid ghosting of the clouds since they were moving quickly. The bottom half was taken at a more leisurely pace. The first set was at 0.5 second exposure and second set at 0.125 second. An HDR composite image was generated from the different exposures of each section and then stitched together for the final image.