Sunset on the Côte d'Azur

Sunset on the Côte d'Azur

Nice, France

Spammers and scammers...those seem to be the only people who call me at:

(20 Six) 3 Six 9-1 Six 9 Six.

They've made a useful and convenient tool into something I dread whenever it rings. (No, I don't need Medicare Supplemental Insurance, and no, I don't owe the IRS money) It has gotten so bad that I have my phone set to automatically send unknown callers to voicemail.

If you try to call me and you get my voicemail, this is the reason why. If you leave a voicemail, I will get back to you. You can also send me an email at travelwitheric (at) gmail dot com, but I only check my email at the end of the day, so I may not get back to you immediately. The best way to contact me is by text message.

The best way to schedule a photo shoot is to check out my Services and Rates page, determine what services you need, and click on the Book an Appointment button. From there, you can select the services and the date and time. The available dates and times are based in real-time on my constantly updated Google calendar. If the date and time you want isn't available, that's because I already have something scheduled. Please choose another time.

If you haven't scheduled a shoot with me before, this is the preferred method of scheduling with me as the appointments are secured with a credit card. It tells me you're serious and not just phishing.


Call and leave a voicemail; the number is (20 Six) 3 Six 9-1 Six 9 Six. Or text me; that works best.

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