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Real Estate Photography

  • View from Apartment at 400 Melrose
  • 11436 SE 182nd St.
  • 2708 70th Ave. SE
  • 2411 T St NW, Auburn

My specialty is Real Estate photography, available year-round within the greater Seattle area. My rates are based on the size of the house and the number of photos required. Prices include post processing and storage up to 2 months on my photo site.

 House Size                        Number of Photos                                  Price

< 1000 sq. ft.                                     15                                                  $80

1000 - 2999 sq. ft.                          25                                                $100

3000 - 3999 sq. ft.                          30                                                $150

4000 + sq. ft.                                     35                                                $200

I service an area within 1 hour one-way from my home in Edmonds, WA, including traffic. For areas outside of that area—up to a maximum of 90 minutes one-way—I charge for additional travel time from $30 - 60, depending on the location. Trips to the Olympic peninsula are charged an additional $30 for the ferry trip.

Real Estate Listing Videos

  • Outside 400 Melrose
  • Pulte Homes New Construction

Real Estate videos are similar to photography in terms of how price is determined. The final length of the video depends on the number of rooms and outside features.

 House Size                                 Video Length (min:sec)                                  Price

< 1000 sq. ft.                                     1:30 - 2:00                                                  $80

1000 - 2999 sq. ft.                           2:00 - 2:30                                               $100

3000 - 3999 sq. ft.                           2:30 - 3:45                                               $150

4000 + sq. ft.                                      3:30 - 5:00                                               $200

For an agent introduction, add 30 seconds more to the video length and $50 to the price. Additional travel pricing is the same as for photography.

Aerial Drone Photography/Video

  • Aerial Photo of 20800 SE 358th St.
  • Aerial Photo of Wooded Lot

I provide aerial drone photography or video as an added extra to any real estate photography or video service for an additional $100. This will include up to 10 additional aerial photos or 1 minute of  additional video. For $150, you can have both photos and video.

Aerial only is available for undeveloped land or large properties of 5 acres or greater. Rates start at $150 per hour.

Please be aware that properties close to major airports or within restricted flight areas are subject to FAA restrictions and may not be serviceable. Please call to discuss your needs.

Event Photography

  • Cartograph Release Party

Another of my specialties is event photography. From presentations and trade events, to wine release parties, I strive to make your events look fun and inviting. Rates include post processing and transfer of copyright to you.

0 - 1 hour                          $100

Each additional hour        $75

Product Photography

  • Ultima Glassware
  • Adua Cosmetics
  • Sexy Wine Bomb

Give your products the professional touch. Product photography is available for a wide range of items, from wine bottles to vehicles. Rates include post processing and transfer of copyright to you.

                                      In my studio                      On location

0 - 1 hour                          $100                                   $200

each add'l hour                  $75                                      $75

Call or text me at 206-369-1696 to schedule your photo shoot.

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