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All photos in the galleries may be purchased for both personal and commercial use and are priced accordingly. The large watermark across the center of displayed photos will not appear in the purchased image. All prints will have a printmark—my name printed in the bottom right corner of the photo—on the product. Photo downloads are available with and without a printmark. If you choose a printmarked version, you will receive a 50% discount for allowing my name to be displayed in use. The printmark cannot be cropped from the picture and must remain on the photo when in use in order to comply with the license.

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One of hundreds of plaques describing the rise of the Third Reich. The second paragraph sums it up nicely. "Nazi terror targeted former opponents of the Party. Oppositional journalists, writers, and artists were terrorized, Jews vilified, and civil servants loyal to the constitution deprived of their posts. The poycot of Jewish-owned businesses on April 1, 1933 was justified as a response to foreign propoganda. The trade unions were suppressed in May 1933. Shortly thereafter, the ban on all political parties except the Nazi Party made Germany a one-party state. The press, broadcasting, art, and scholarship were all made to toe the party line.